The Brew Menu

The Brew, a thought consulting firm imparting solutions to enterprises on innovation, strategy and fundamental business model improvisations with a primary aim to unlock and create differential value to the Ecosystem.

Our Key Success Factors are based on the cumulative of: EVA – Ecosystem Value Added, Enhanced Value Added and Effective Value Added.

On The Brew’s Menu, we serve the finest blends of premium collections, brewed fresh daily, which will tug your heart and soul with inspiration, simplicity while garnering the sense of being more always, along with instilling the feeling of creating the self – empowered movement to make difference..... All of it served in The Brew

       a)    The Re – Design Brew: 
This Brew pertains to create differential value in the current business model with existing business levers by unlocking value, the reason being structural soundness of the Enterprise along with aligned business model and complimenting strategy

The Re – Design Brew is where Micro – Capabilities of the Firm are required to be pivoted.

      b)    The Innovate Brew:
This Brew pertains to create differential value in the current business model with different sets of business levers to unlock further value, for the reason being that either the business model or the strategy are apt, but either of the levers require a shift of focus considering extraneous factors and consumer expectation.

The Innovate brew is where Macro – Capabilities of the Firm, either the Strategy, Competence or Business Model needs to be pivoted.
     c)     The Transform Brew:
This Brew pertains to create differential value with an end-to-end transformation in the Business equation along with its existing business levers, for being adaptive and responsive with the shift in both internal and external factors.

The Transform Brew is where set of Macro – Capabilities of the Firm needs to be pivoted.

The Brew’s purpose is to speeden the progress, enhance the living of mankind, fostering global sustainability and harmony with human potential, nature, & diversity, enabling effective solutions, primarily (but not limiting) to tools of capitalism.
The Brew’s Mission is to build / create Sustainable Purpose Driven Structures, with an industry leading or differentiating strategy and Innovation, enabling competence and competitive advantage leveraged with high potential – high capability – high impact teams deeply embedded with the cultural ethos of self-management, transparency, collaboration, excellence & agility.   
In simple words, The Brew’s Mission is to reinvigorate our collective futures with the tools of imagination, purpose, clarity & simplicity to unleash the potentials of systems & structures.