The Brew Framework For Enterprises

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The Brew Framework is a proprietary Capability Maturity Framework, designed to improvise the Enterprise Performance, Behaviours and Workings, Internally and Externally.  

The Framework evaluates Enterprises on 4 Macro – Capabilities: The Purpose of Existence, Value Creation Model, Value Enhancement Model and Change Model (Innovation + Disruption) over 4 Maturity levels ranging from Activity to Capability, in the increasing order of maturity levels.

The Brew Framework for Enterprises currently costs USD 20, 000 for a single instance run of Framework, Analysis and Insights generated from it.

The Brew Framework helps Enterprises in the following ways:
1) In understanding the Completeness of the Firm structurally in terms of value gaps, serving as a Health Check and an Advisory, at a Point of time
2) Solicitations & Thought experimentations in terms of sustaining the completeness over a period of time, by developing Antifragile capabilities.
3) In charting progressive trajectories on the scale of growth, relevance, and impact to develop Critical Capabilities. These critical capabilities are a specific set of key activities and procedures that must be defined and mastered to enable the enterprise to plan and deliver effective solutions, and to measure the business value consequences of its key initiatives and key measures.

The CEO’s Report of The Brew Framework for Enterprise consists of (post completion of TBF)
a) The Capability Score for each of the Macro – Capabilities
b) Critical Parameters, & Metrics, which serves as a health check for the Enterprise
c) Plan of Action Report, to enhance the Capabilities and Direction of Enterprise
d) Critical Observations and Improvisations

Steps to Initiate The Brew Framework for Enterprises:
a) Click over on Initiate TBF button to enroll with the details of your enterprise
b) Post initiation, expedite the monetary exchange by clicking on 'Buy Now' button.
The Brew Framework for Enterprises costs USD 20, 000. PayPal enables the payment gateway to complete the transaction.
c) Post payment, You will receive a secure Brew link which will guide you over advancing ahead with The Framework and its completion.
d) The Framework ideally gets done in a day’s time from the User, and The Brew takes around 4 -5 business days to draw its insights and analysis.
e) Incase of any queries, feel free to reach out at [email protected]

The Framework is a culmination of the following:
1) Fundamental Forces that govern the fate of enterprises (Click here to read more): The Brew, from its empirical research, conclusively found the roles played by certain specific forces with respect to the working of Enterprises. These all-pervasive forces are present in the undercurrent roles but affect the fabric of Enterprise, depending on the varying levels of their presence. Aptly referred by The Brew, The Fundamental Forces are instrumental in channelizing the Enterprise Energies in the right direction and towards the respective parameters and perspectives of achievements of their existence.

These Fundamental Forces are as follows:
1) The Purpose of Existence
2) Contribution mapped to Consumer Needs, & Creating Impact with Differential Value
3) Dysfunctionalities in the Structure
4) Staticness over continuum of time

The Brew Framework analyses the prevalence of these forces in the Enterprise fabric based on the Macro – Capabilities for Enterprise to harness these elements to their fullest levels.

2) Evolution of the Firm (Click here to read more): The Evolution of Firm theory proposed by The Brew, draws out a progression trajectory for Enterprises operating at various levels, namely, The Purpose, Value Creation Model, Value Enhancement Model, and Change Model (Innovation + Disruption). And like Fundamental Forces, every Enterprise is as well required to operate at these levels at any point of its existence (effectively, the apt title for it is Evolution of a Complete Firm), since these levers are the decision stages through which Enterprises make their presence felt.

The Brew Framework essentially evaluates Enterprises on their macro – capabilities gauging them on key parameters like Need to Exist, Contribution to Impact with respect to Value created v/s. Value Captured v/s. Value Shared, Leverage Effects, Competences Established & Advantages Created.

3) The Brew Framework (Click here to read more), post analyzing the completeness of Enterprise levers and factors, then takes in to consideration, 2 Macro - External factors that ultimately have an impact on the Enterprise’s working, The Rate of Change of Industry and Consumer Fatigue, effectively helping Enterprises to understand which Capabilities to use vis – a – vis its development charting out the future trajectory for the overall working.
To Initiate The Brew Framework for Enterprise, Please click on the Initiate button below, and / or as well feel free to reach out on [email protected] for advance queries.


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