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The Brew Framework For Startups is a Capability Maturity Framework, designed to improvise Startups and help Founders on the dimensions of Startup Performance, Growth Trajectory, Behavior, Internally and Externally.  

The Brew Framework for Startups essentially helps them on being a Complete Startup, offering them direction along with accelerating their startup journey and contribution, thus elevating the Startups to mature in to Enterprises with deep-rooted foundations.

The Brew Framework for Startups currently costs USD 10, 000 for a single instance run of Framework, Analysis and Insights generated from it.

The Framework evaluates Performance & Objective Oriented Structures on 4 Macro – Capabilities: The Purpose of Existence, Value Creation Model, Value Enhancement Model and Change Model (Innovation + Disruption) over 4 Maturity levels ranging from Activity to Capability, in the increasing order of maturity levels.

The Founder’s Report of The Brew Framework for Startup consists of (post Founder’s taking TBF for Startups)
a) The Capability Score for each of the Macro – Capabilities
b) Critical Parameters, & Metrics which serves as a health check for the Startup
c) Plan of Action Report, to enhance the Capabilities and Direction of Startup
d) Critical Observations and Improvisations

Steps to Initiate The Brew Framework for Startups:
a) Click over on Initiate TBF button to enroll with the details of your Startup
b) Post initiation, expedite the monetary exchange by clicking on 'Buy Now' button.
The Brew Framework for Startups costs USD 10, 000. PayPal enables the payment gateway to complete the transaction.
c) Post payment, You will receive a secure Brew link which will guide you over advancing ahead with The Framework and its completion.
d) The Framework ideally gets done in a day’s time from the User, and The Brew takes around 4 -5 business days to draw its insights and analysis.
e) Incase of any queries, feel free to reach out at [email protected]

From The Brew’s experience and insights, Every Startup has a similar trajectory of reaching to Growth Path from a Concept, starting from the Change Model, with either Innovation or Disruption as the driver of its existence, and the Focus being on the Consumer Needs which require a change with better solution or with the Value Enhancement Model where the Firms maximize the Optimal solution existing in the market.

Post starting with, either the Change Model or Value Enhancement Model, the Startups are then faced with the challenge of transforming the tested hypothesis to the Value Creation Model, where the operationalization, scalability, effectiveness, efficiency, growth etc are scoped in for the way forward.

The Brew Framework for Startups helps the Founders to understand the Macro – Capability of Change Model or Value Enhancement Model along with helping the Startups to develop Competence to create a favorable Value Creation Model for Consumer, themselves and the Ecosystem.

The difference between Enterprise Framework and Startup Framework being that in comparison to Enterprise, a Startup needs at least 2 Macro – Capabilities, of Change Model or Value Enhancement Model along with Value Creation for a Scale up,  to be in the Capability zone for its survival and success, whereas the Enterprise need all the 4 Macro – Capabilities to be relevant over a period of time.

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