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 “Around 79% of the Indian companies have low talent management maturity levels. They also miss out several vital financial, business and talent benefits common to corporates with higher maturity.” – Bersin by Deloitte Research Report
Compared to Global 2000 organizations, research highlights the following:
·   Indian companies have a lower level of maturity.
·   With 3% organizations at lowest maturity levels, around 76% stand at the second-lowest level of talent management maturity.
These findings also highlight that the Indian talent management scenario is changing aggressively. Organizations are adopting new talent acquisition, performance management, and employee engagement strategies.
The Brew’s Talent Management offering helps organizations, in pursuit of sustainability, high growth & impact, get right answers to build a ‘good to great’ advantage. It helps answer few pertinent questions, like:
·   What are the skills, competencies & capabilities needed - now and in future - to deliver our strategy?
·   Are our “best” people in those roles that are critical to our current and future success?
·   Which roles can we anticipate will become more important to our future competitiveness? 
·   Which risks have been identified that have the potential to damage the business?
·   If we shift our strategic priorities and operating model, how easily and quickly could we redeploy people within a different organizational structure?

The Brew Advantage
The Brew builds Talent management solutions basing it with a core philosophy that shapes the organizations’ full range of employee practices and processes. For example, a talent management practice that recruits outstanding people, but allows them to be badly managed or unfairly rewarded is not only expensive, but as well tends to be highly disruptive. On other hand, talent management that directs time and effort across all roles at every level is likely to misdirect critical resource.
The challenge then is to identify the priorities with the greatest potential to advance the organization. Wise choices need to be made here about the roles that are becoming increasingly critical to the future success of the business.
Gauge your organization’s capability maturity across key talent management dimensions of Attract, Develop, Manage, & Retain.
Gauge Your Organization's Talent Management Capability here: 

The Brew's Talent Management Capability Maturity Model
Effective talent management practices strive to develop an organization that has the people with the skills and capabilities, now and in the future, necessary to meet these needs. Get The Brew Advantage in building an effective talent management strategy, enabling better business outcomes. Get connected with The Brew here.