Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
Organizations are continually striving in redefining their recruitment strategy to attract the best talent and be an ‘Employer of Choice’. The EVP is one of the critical solution to win the talent war driving home the developed advantage in recruiting, engaging and retaining talent. 
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Performance Management Practices
Performance management is like budgeting: It’s required in every organization, it’s cumbersome and onerous, it never comes out exactly as you planned, and managers always whine, but you would never get rid of budget planning just like you should never get rid of performance appraisal – because no matter how flawed the process is, it’s good business practice.
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HR Automations
Modern workplace has created unprecedented demands on both employers and employees, necessitating the use of systems that can render processes more optimized, easily manageable and scalable. Intensified competition, globalization, accelerating technological change and strict regulatory requirements have transformed the nature of work in recent years, resulting in an overwhelming need or agility and speed in HR processes. Inability to achieve that can potentially compromise both the work culture and reputation of an organization.
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