High Performance Team Index

“High-performance teams (HPTs) is a concept within organization development referring to teams, organizations, or virtual groups that are highly focused on their goals and that achieve superior business results. High-performance teams outperform all other similar teams and they outperform expectations given their composition.” - Katzenbach et al.: The Wisdom of Teams
What makes a High Performance Team? High Performers, High Trust, High Synergy, High Energy etc – Actually No, None of these !! Performance & other attributes are mere outcome of few pre-requisites, which if present, lead to individual high performance & high a performance team.  The Brew, while studying High Performance – High Impact Teams & Workforce has found at least 9 dimensions, contributing to its superlative throughput & impact. These dimensions are characterized in the radar chart herewith.
The Brew's High Performance Team Index
The Brew Advantage
High Performance teams are the foundation of a high performance organization, and developing such teams is an effort that requires serious energies, consistent discipline & evidence based playbook. The Brew’s High Performance Teams Index enables the members & the group, dissect the fundamental premises, leading to elevated consciousness, performance, & synergy; making the members travel from a group phase to being a high performance team.
Post taking The Brew’s High Performance Team Index, these have been the changed behaviors (as observed & experienced by members):    
§ Have a clear and vision of where they are headed and what they want to accomplish
§ Are excited about that vision because they took part in creating it
§ Act from clearly defined priorities
§ Have clear measures of success and receive feedback about how they’re doing
§ Maintain open communication and positive relationships with each other
§ Identify and solve problems
§ Successfully manage conflict
§ Share leadership responsibilities
§ Participate in productive meetings
§ Have clearly defined roles and work procedures
§ Cooperate cross-functionally
Get connected to The Brew to dissect the team dynamics, enabling consistency in behaviors, synergy in efforts & decision making – improving business outcomes & human capital decisions.