Employee Lifecycle Engagement Solutions

The Brew's Employee Lifecycle Engagement Solutions

Improve business outcomes, by linking pertinent employee datasets & insights to business metrics – Get The Brew Advantage
Organizations seldom realize & leverage, the untapped potential of the data / insights they have collected from employees, right from recruitment interviews, on-boarding, engagement & exits – the data-points where an employee tacitly puts forth, what impacts their effectiveness, trajectory & decisions. Infact, they do not realize they have the key to deconstruct the very fundamental of their purpose of existence – improving critical business outcomes!!
The Brew Advantage
·   Link Business Outcomes to Employee Insights: Rather than treating employee surveys as tactical tweaks, garnering the reputation of great places to be with – The Brew enables Leaders & Organizations to link & predict the employee behaviors & attitudes to business outcomes.
·   End to End coverage of Employee Insights: By covering end – to – end employee lifecycle for insights (Weekly Pulse, Bi-Annual Engagement, Fortnightly Team Motivation, Entry-Exit, Managerial Feedback, Customized Additions etc), The Brew enables organizations and teams to build, a high performance culture with regular feedbacks, developing a holistic view of employee experience with identification of critical behaviors v/s. expectations on dimensions of consistency, time & context.
·   Scientific, Reliable & Data Oriented: The Brew’s Engagement solutions uniquely leverages advanced statistical techniques (SEM techniques), over scientifically validated surveys (cronbach’s alpha of .86 & validity range from .77 - .89 for various norm groups).
·   Customized Dashboards & Reporting, Enterprise Security Standard, GDPR Compliant   

Estimate the impact (indicative) with The Brew’s Engagement Solutions

The Brew’s Engagement Solutions (covers end to end of employee lifecycle)
Engagement Tool
Target Audience
Measures (Indicative)
Business Impact
All Employees
Employee Sentiment, Introspection, Goal Clarity, Achievement Propensity
Individual Productivity, Performance
Team Motivation
All Employees
Alignment, Purposefulness, Achievement Propensity
Team Productivity, Performance
Team Satisfaction
All Employees
Team Collaboration, Synergy, Dysfunctions
Team Productivity, Performance
Managerial Effectiveness
All Employees
Goal Setting & Clarity, Team Management, Communication, Workstyle, Enablement, Development, Coaching, Wellbeing
Team Productivity, Performance
360 Degree Feedback
All Employees
Success Areas, Development Areas
Individual Growth & Development
Employee Engagement
All Employees
Engagement, Investedness, Org Confidence, Leadership Confidence, Manager & Team Effectiveness, Role, Growth & Development
E-SAT, Organizational Effectiveness,  Embeddness, & Engagement
Recruitment Satisfaction
Event Based
Prospective Candidates
Recruitment Process, Recruiter, Organization Brand & Perception
Candidate Experience, Employer Value Proposition
New Hire Orientation
Event Based
New Employee
Onboarding Experience, Organizational Acclimatization & Institutionalization
Individual Potential, Preparedness & Readiness
New Deployment
Event Based
New Deployments
Role, Career Path, & Expected Behaviors Acclimatization
Individual Potential, Career Path Index
Production Readiness
Event Based
New Deployments
Role & Work Clarity, Critical Success Factors for Work, Role, & Team
Work Fitment, Team Embeddness, Manager-Employee Fitment
Event Based
Attriting Employees
Individual, Manager & Organizational Effectiveness
Factors causing Attrition
Customized Add-ons
Event Based / Recurring
Determined by Client
People & Business Leaders, if your feedback systems are not enabling you to predict critical organizational outcomes (e.g., profit, turnover cost, customer satisfaction) and help you ascertain which human capital lever to focus on, then your organization is no better than assuming which employee attitudes are driving the bottom line – In short, stop the normalization phenomenon at corporate level, but with The Brew, Your Organization can be an outlier – Let’s get connected over a brew.

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