The Brew Craft

The Brew is a mixture of events, people, or things, which interact to form a more potent whole. The Brew, hence, is a manifestation of garnering, nurturing and nourishing, the set of things together, over a period of time where the end result of the concoction is far more satisfying and fulfilling, as the process of its preparation, and which represents the more than differential of value vis a vis the mix of its elements. 

The Brew is a medium to invoke, inspire, rejuvenate, and realize a conscious elevation and upliftment of spirit, soul and energy to transform oneself in to a more meaningful and purposeful Brew, and the chain continues to evolve while changing its form and growing stronger.  
Everything is evolving, and ever changing, and thus it all resembles of being a brew at different levels. What matters in most cases, understands the fundamentals of getting to a good brew. Often, a good brew is attained by creating a balance of the below process measured on the scale of time, change, and personal factors of how badly one wants it, the preparatory efforts v/s. the readiness to deserve (rather than desire) and to what level can one unconditionally relish it, while continuing the process & journey.

The Elements and Requisites of making the brew:
a) Having a Purpose to go beyond, the resolute but perseverant willingness to drive the purpose and belief in to action mixed with innate capabilities and external circumstantialities.
A good brew often invokes a penchant of thoughtfulness, awareness, and some soul-searching triggers often transcending in deeper understandings, realisations and further thoughts.

b) Seeing from the Lens of Future: While preparing the brews, i have observed that people take either of these 2 approaches, the first, being having a standard process of going about making it, basically the mechanical way of going about it. The Other being imagining the kind of taste, aroma, and the mental ambience that one wants to create and then going about preparing it. The elements might possibly remain the same (with some minor additions), but the outcomes are completely different, inspite of using similar elements used. The point being, the end always has to be created / imagined in the mind first, and with this outcome based process, preparing a brew, becomes more of an art.

c) The Brew is a culmination of its elements, the process, the controlled and uncontrolled externalities and as well the experience of having it. It gets simplified when there is an overall understanding of things (UOT), context, possibilities, actions and results. And with that understanding, one has to add the elements of the make, cos every element needs to add to the required make in the right manner, to the right extent.  Every action / non-action / activity is linked to the purpose and is based on the individual strengths of the elements to get to a convergence.

d) The art of preparing the brew requires the essential ability to keep the big picture view intact, while working on the finer aspects of its preparation. One’s got to relish the things happening around, and yet be mindful of what’s getting the steam on.

e) Every brew can be unique blend albeit constituting similar elements & combination, with an addition of few flavorings & sprinkles. And this changes the concoction completely, giving it a unique signature feel. Its presence not only amplifies the experience but as well gives it a different identity altogether.  

f) The art of brew making does not stop after making one or many. It’s a Continual Evolving Process where all the stakeholders Feel and absorb its warmth, grow and evolve with it. And while preparing it, one has to contribute to it personally as well, with love, nurture, perseverance and care, and only then does the magic happen.

g) It gives you an opportunity to learn and experiment something new every time, provided you want to, by being in the moment.

h) Serve it Hot, cos irrespective of when one decides to have that first sip, one still experiences it, through its warmth, aroma etc, hence serve it hot and with a smile.

i) The Brew makes us aware of the fact, that good blends are a mix of right elements, in right proportion, in right circumstances, for the right amount of time.
Keep Brewing Yourself with Inspiration, Motivation, with your thoughts, actions and intent for the times to come, and some day, the world shall be able to experience and feel the blend of it, in great spirit.

j) After every brew, Reflect, Reminisce, Relish and Rejuvenate, and while preparing it, keep things simple; be in the moment to enjoy it along with experiencing and shaping your creation.

The Brew, in the end, is a metaphor for oneself. Of what one is today, of what one aspires to be, can be and will be, and the above being some elemental thoughts to embark the journey. Enroute, i am reminded of some beautiful thoughts to serve you company, ‘Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. Put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. Put water into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or crash. Be water my friend…..’

And just like water, be The Brew, my friend….and Keep Brewing….