HR Analytics

Making it Count, Counting what Matters

85% of 11,070 respondents accepted that "People Data is important or very important";
42% of the same group, as well agreed that,  "Our organization is ready or very ready for HR analytics"
This gap as reported by Deloitte in their 2018 study Global Human Resources Trends, goes to conclude a huge gap between perceived importance and capability maturity of HR to it’s most important stakeholder – Organization & Business. 
Needless to say, the credibility of HR takes a huge dent, with this big a gap in the Say-Do ratio, equally, but as well as its longed dream of getting a seat at the table. HR Analytics plugs that gap, linking HR data trends to critical business outcomes – it transforms human capital to be more business centric & organization aligned.
That’s where The Brew comes to rescue. Leveraging our competence at intersection of Functional Human Capital expertise, Data & Systems approach we provide analytics consultation to organizations from strategy development through execution. 
The Brew's HR Analytics offerings include the following:
·   Turnover Analysis 
·   Risk Stratification of Predicted Attrition over 60-90-180 days periods
·   Focused Retention Strategy basis Risk Stratification, mitigating High Business Risks
·   Succession Planning
·   High Performer Profiling
·   People Drivers of Business Outcomes
·   ROI Analysis
·   Leave of Absence Analysis
Glimpse of high capability maturity of The Brew’s HR Analytics offering
A leading online food aggregator was facing high employee turnover problem. They were in need of an analytics-based solution to aid in retaining employees.  
Employee Costs (Per Employee)
 Costs (INR)
HR Metrics

Average Cost of Recruitment**
Total Headcount (Average)
Average Cost of Training*
New Hire Intake (@40% Headcount growth)
Total Cost of Deployment Readiness
Bad Hire Attrition (Attrition before breakeven)
Total Cost of Bad Hiring
Avoidable Attrition @50%
* 2 Month Salary
**All Fresher recruitments are in-house

The Brew Impact: By integrating data from the HR (Behavioral) and ERP (Demographic) datasets, The Brew accurately identified factors influencing employees to leave the organization and also business KPIs that helped the client assess employee performance. Our solution helped the client reduce churn and improve employee satisfaction and productivity.
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