The Pro-Activeness Index

Pro-Activeness Index

Know Your Pro-Activeness Index here:

The Pro-Activeness Index is the tool to ascertain the intrinsic opportunism drive and change management capabilities of an Organization to stay competitive on a continual basis. The beauty of the tool is that it measures all the elements of intrinsic drive, from Intent – Willingness – Motivation – Reinforcement on Frequency basis, effectively, driving home the point, for Pro-Activeness to be a muscle memory – to be continually & consciously practiced by organizations at a Process level.

The tool equally takes in to account, strategic perspectives of Competitive Mapping & Benchmarking, Leadership commitment & Challenge the Status quo mindset with a Systems driven approach.
Check out the very precise, yet powerful, The Brew’s Pro-Activeness Index, in the run up build the high capability of Change, Entrepreneurship & Opportunism. 

Know Your Pro-Activeness Index here: