High Performance Workplace Quotient

Culture Quotient

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The Brew’s Workplace quotient is a tool to identify the vibe, feel, tacit norms & expected behaviors - with necessary conditions in differentiating High Performing workplaces v/s. the laggards. 

The Brew’s High Performance Workplace Quotient, a powerful tool, enables Business Leaders and People Leaders:
a) To know indicative ability of Workplaces in creating sustained High Performances, from employees with different potentials alike. 
b) To gauge the stickiness of existing Workplace for High Performance Individuals & Teams.
c) Incorporates findings from diverse behavioral models, including the most recent ones of Flow, Drive, Nudge etc.

The Brew has encountered many a tools with various levels of complexity, to come to the rescue of culture ascertainment, however, the missing pieces were Simplicity, Continuously moving base of ‘fundamentals’, and the robustness of decoding mental models.

The High Performance Workplace Quotient irons out the fault-lines, along with enabling workplaces, with a precise, simple, yet so powerful method to analyze & build – the state of the mind effective workplace.

Know Your Workplace Quotient here: