People Analytics - Part D of D

People Analytics & People Strategy Improvisations – Part D of D

Why High Performers are leaving the workplace in context?

Post digging the general reasons for attrition earlier, let’s go deeper to understand all the variables that affected High Performers to attrite i.e Bad Attrition. For quantification & classification of Bad Attrition, let’s assume these as base values –

Evaluation: 0.75 or;

Experience in Company: 3.5 or;              
Number of Projects: 5  

Now, let’s understand how the lead indicators are correlated for this segment: 

On an average, valuable employees that attrite are not satisfied, work on many projects, spend many hours in the company each month, aren’t promoted and majority of them are paid low as compared to their peers!! Now, that’s some serious introspection to do for the People’s Office of this organization.
So where does one focus to get better outcomes in the existing situation ??
The Brew recommends following actions, in the order of priority to realize the better of existing human capital:
a)      Fix the leak of High Performers on High Attrition risk (the correlation matrix above & the workforce which represent those characteristics) on an urgent basis with rationalization of projects from High Performers to Medium Performers, followed helping them with a realistic picture on Promotion and / or Salary enhancements.
b)     Optimize the workforce with lowest 20 % of Evaluation, that’s not adding any value, adding to non – performance culture and to cost. Improve the basic standards of compliance  & org ambiance  for the workforce with lowest 20 % Utilization to up the higher realization of work & value, equally setting right tones for culture of accountability & responsibility.
c)      Rationalize & Standardize the basic fundamentals of People Value Chain with Objective thresholds on Utilization, Accepted Performance Standards, Unbiased Objective Performance Evaluations, Progressions & Rewards and Recognition levers. That should get this organization to be at par with PCMM Level 2 !!

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