Nearbuy - Transforming from Deal Discovery to Lifestyle Solutions Offering

The Brew for the day is for NearBuy
Type: Espresso Brew – Served Warm, Transform brew.

The Brew will analyze NearBuy on the following points:
Business Model Analysis (& Improvisations)

Business Model Analysis:  NearBuy helps you discover the best things to do, eat and buy – wherever you are! Nearbuy, on a the face value has 2 distinct brand promises – of being a deal discovery platform majorly focused on the verticals of Hotels, Dine, Spas, Movies, Salons, Shopping, Fitness etc hosting discrete deals, equally it as well promises new places to explore basing on User’s location and preferences.

With this regards, The Brew would like to draw Strategy map envisioned for NearBuy over it’s existing business model where it firmly believes that there is decent quantum of value that can be unlocked with more concentrated focus on the enlisted:

a) Pivoting the value proposition and positioning of NearBuy, from a Discovery platform to a Consumer centric Life Quality Enhancement Index & Metric. Makes all the more sense given the vertical spread of offering NearBuy has, there are specialty E-com portals more or less in all the Verticals with lot more depth, whereas for NearBuy, the coverage is for specific offers/coupons/triggers

b) In line with above thought, The Brew would like to mould NearBuy’s focus from being a Discovery Platform to being Consumer behavior firm, abetting lot more efforts on understanding the nuances for different/similar choices made. And hence NearBuy’s competence should be more on Analytics and Data-sciences with a strategy to understanding the consumer behavior with intelligent inputs to Ecosystem stakeholders, rather than it’s current strategy of discoverability and exact contrast of information exchange.

c) With points a and b given a lot more, the value proposition & the Brand paradigm Near Buy – proximity consumption will actually get tested along with understanding of Consumer motivations, Personalisations and triggers to specific behaviors.

d) The Brew would equally like to encourage NearBuy, as a Consumer Behavior firm to take inspirations from the Four Square kind of model where there is a potential to capture a Consumer’s Interest & will, if not the physical presence driving a dynamic real time Discoverability – Availability – Behavior – Consumption / Experience – Feedback process.

e) Basis elucidation in points a and b, there does exists a potential to pilot consumer relationships on a subscription based model, given that there is a strong understanding of Consumer behavior, their lifestyle and hence the needs which will arise over the period of time. Equally with it, the consumer relationships with service providers can be disrupted with bundling of deals (basis experience, value, coupons etc) disrupting the consumer decision making process and disrupting the industry dynamics with an end objective of higher realization of value and value created v/s. value captured.

The Brew strongly believes that there is huge potential to be unlocked with respect to offering, and disruptive potential of NearBuy, and would like to offer its help paving way for higher value realizations. 

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