The Brew - Agility Index

The Brew - Agility Index

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The Brew – Agility Index measures the Agility of the Organisation with respect to its ingredients (Elements, Entropy, Networks, Smoothness, & Framework) drawing Organizational Realizations leading to concentrated & concerted actions to improve the time – effort – result spend, and making it more process oriented approach, unlocking the value and potential.

It is an extension of Concept of Self – Evolving Organisations that measures the extent of Agility across 5 essential constituents, Elements, Entropy, Networks, Smoothness and Framework.

The Concept of Self – Evolving Org., encompasses 3 key constituents (Elements, Networks & Framework) and 2 Forces to harness (Entropy and Smoothness). Of the key constituents, Elements are the drivers of value creation, Networks are culmination of flow of Information, Knowledge, Communication and Value Creation & Framework consists of Purpose, Roles, Contexts and Accountabilities, defined and aligned to manifest the aim of existence for organization.

Entropy refers to a high-energy state, often characterized by disorder enabling Autonomy, Decision – Making and discretion to the elements whereas Smoothness refers to a smooth transition of flow and energy within the networks & frameworks, in cohesion with elemental entropy.

Though the Concept of Self – Evolving Org proscribes the presence of Structures, with ability to control the smoothness of networks and entropy of elements, however the Agility index helps Organisations to understand the specific encouraging roles that Structures should play to enable higher value creation.

The Brew – Agility Index helps the Organisations with the following critical information:
a) It measures the Agility of the Organisation with respect to Entropy of Elements and Smoothness of Networks, with cues in developing the Org Change Management and development plans

b) It scales the Organizational capabilities, its Elements and Networks to understand their traits and characteristics with inputs to improvisations leading to fulfillment of Purpose

c) The Brew – Agility index ascertains the overall collective agility to improve Organization’s Contribution to Impact ratio and Awareness to Realization ratio, with drawing the path to Self – Evolving Organization.

d) It gives cues to the existing energy points (Structures) in the Organisation to focus their concentrations enabling enhanced and/or faster Organizational Value Creation.

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