The Brew’s High Impact Startup Kit: Getting from Zero to One

The Brew presents its curated collection of high impact value building & enhancing collaterals helping Founders and Startups in improvising the Value Proposition, Monetisation Model, Business Model, & Investment Strategy.

The Brew’s Startup Kit is a must have for Founders and Entrepreneurs building businesses from ground – up from scratch, especially the ones operating outside of established tech hubs of Silicon Valley, London, Tel Aviv etc. or without the help of a startup accelerator programme. Infact, we recommend all of Startup fraternity to get hold of these vital and essential life - savers.

Here’s the curated collection of The Brew’s Startup Kit:

a) Financial Projection Model: Walks you through the process of developing an integrated set of financial projections.

b) Startup Financial Model: This model as a simple end-to-end financial model for an early-stage startup, although it is useful to anyone building a model for a company.  The model outputs standard financial statements and key operating metrics based on a wide range of user inputs, and is highly customizable and entirely transparent.

It as well focuses on the extended financial value chain of deliberation of Investment and Funding strategy of Valuations.

c) Cash Flow Model: Provides a forecast of cash funds a Startup anticipates receiving and paying out throughout the course of a given span of time, and the anticipated cash position at specific times during the period being projected.

d) Anti – Dilution Model: Calculates the quantum value of common shareholders dilution in the series B venture financing (preferred stock) which is priced lower than the first round venture financing.

e) Fund Economics: Illustrates the basic economics of a traditional venture capital or private equity fund as practiced in most parts of the world today.  The model provides a set of key variables that may be changed to test the sensitivity of results under different assumptions.

f) IPO Time-line perspective: To prepare the registration statement, a series of planning and review meetings ("all-hands" meetings) are held with Company officials, the Company's Counsel, the Underwriters and their Counsel, and the company's Accountants. This model provides the Stages along with Time-line perspective to check the readiness of finalities of Public offering.

g) SaaS Metric Dashboard: A powerful yet simple automated dashboard to help SaaS businesses capture the key factors that drive SaaS performance.

h) GANTT Tool: Link

i) Netflix’s Culture Guide: a culture development guide for Startups and Entrepreneurs on increasing the stickiness factor for employees and consumers.

j) Pitch Decks: There are pitch decks, and then there are Good Pitch decks...An Example of a Good Pitch Deck

k) Square’s Pitch Deck: Link

l) Box IPO Financial Model: Link

m) Startup Valuation Model (Venture Capital Calculations): Link

Founders & Entrepreneurs, Check out The Brew’s work with Startup Ecosystem on improvising their business models, pivoting and aligning the value proposition to Consumer needs and enhancing the Monetisation model.

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