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Today’s Brew is for Housing.com
Brew date: 21st November 2015
Type: Served Hot, to be Consumed a.s.a.p.

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The Brew would like to share in brief some of its recommendations and thoughts to rejuvenate the original model of decision-making disruption in Housing Industry initiated and attempted by Housing Founders. However, in the current scenario, it looks that with its revamped leadership and structure, it will still not be able to avoid the abyss leading to startup mortality, due to misplaced understanding of Housing’s Competence, Non – Alignment to its Value Proposition, Purpose & Vision along with Focus on low requiting business lines over an ad-based business model.

In this brew, every attempt has been made to create a sustainable Housing Model, which can Look Up and as well Go Up.  The Brew hopes Housing will try to seek a balance between its original ambitious entrepreneurial pursuits and value creation, leading to an enhanced Consumer Value Creation and a better Ecosystem.

The Brew will analyze Housing on the following parameters:
a) Business Analysis:

    1)    Competence: Housing’s Competence is Technology, which should and can play a pivotal role in decision making over continuum of various housing needs (realty buy, rentals, construction etc).

Housing needs to understand that its not a Real Estate listings / classified leveraging on technology rather it’s a technology firm in Realty context with the core purpose to make better and intelligent decisions which the Consumers generally realize/discover post moving.

It’s Data science lab has contributed hugely to the disruption, traction and initial success of Housing, primarily responsible for generating unique offerings  "Heat Map”, child friendliness, Lifestyle index etc. These tech innovations not ascertain the function of price to Realty, but as well understand its elasticity and significance to Consumer’s decision-making process.

    2)    Strategic Direction & Purpose: Given the understanding that Technology led Innovation which forms the heart of Housing’s core business along with its competence, it’s strategic direction as well needs to be based on building an Enablement value chain, aligned to its competence leading to Fulfillment of Buy – Sell, Rentals etc.

It did take baby steps with this philosophy by acquiring real estate discussion forum, Indian Real Estate Forum (IREF), Realty BI, a risk assessment firm for realty projects, and HomeBuy360, a cloud-based sales lifecycle management platform.

However, while pursuing these acquisitions, Housing does have a dysfunctional strategy cos the Purpose of Housing seems to be unclear.

Housing’s primary purpose is to establish and ascertain the science and logic leading to price derivations with respect to Facts, Perceptions, Judgements & Behaviors. The Non – Uniformity of Pricing ails the industry the most apart from the monetization design in which it performs. However, not all the tech acquisitions of Housing lead or aid in leading to building this conjecture framework.

Hence, there is a high need to align the Purpose, Strategic Direction and Competence of the firm to develop a strong value proposition with seeds of leading its disruption trajectory on continual mode.

    3)    Value Chain Disruption / Innovation: Post establishing the above frameworks, should Housing look for Value Chain disruptions enabled by technology, both on the Consumer’s side and on the Supplier’s side, as more than 90 % of Value chain exists in the offline mode with attributes of high information & value asymmetry across.
Its Realty BI, a risk assessment for Realty projects and HomeBuy360, a cloud based sales lifecycle management platform are amplifications to this philosophy and approach.

Along with domain Value chain disruptions, Housing needs to focus on building vertical tech innovations enabling dimensions of Engagement, 3d & Virtual Tours along with Domain nuances to enable the conversion from Offline to Online value transfers.
Effectively, Housing’s offerings are in the realms of technology rather being a listing portal. Its Tech & Innovation Enablement strategy can lead to Higher and Better Fulfillment of value transfer where Buy – Sell Realty, Rentals etc can leverage on.

    4)    Ecosystem & Platform player:  Given the context of Housing’s offerings and value propositions, Housing has a potential to play over entire Ecosystem space catering to all the stakeholders with diverse needs (rentals, buy-sell etc) with its Platform based offerings approach. 
This approach will lead Housing to cater to entire market with Optimisations to Cost, Value Creation, Value Transferred and Value Shared.

    5)    Solutions firm & Consumer Behavior: Amplifying its Tech competence along with Network effects and ecosystem disruptions, Housing has a potential to play a Solutions approach with respect to Consumer’s needs in understanding their existing lifestyles, expectations and constraints and offering Personalisations to decision making of Needs as well further Customizations to preferences.

    6)    Improvising the Design elements of Culture, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Growth and Disruption: Housing will as well have to understand the art of building and running a Startup from Ground up with respect to culture, value & brand promises, expectations progressing from an MVP to Startup.

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