Self - Evolving Organisations - Concept and Working

(This is the final article in the Series leading The Self – Evolving Organisation, conceptualized to help Organisations to improvise their performance and journey to fulfillment)


Deeply inspired by nature, and drawing borrowed inspirations from high coordinated societies of honey-bees, ants, also known as Superorganism, The Brew attempts to draw a parallel to Organisations, to chart out the Concept, Nature and Making of a Self – Evolving Organisation / Organism.

Superorganism is an organism consisting of many organisms. The term is used most often to describe a social unit of eusocial animals, where division of labor is highly specialized and where individuals are not able to survive by themselves for extended periods. By definition, a superorganism is "a collection of agents which can act in concert to produce phenomena governed by the collective," phenomena being any activity "the hive wants" such as ants collecting food or bees choosing a new nest site. Superorganisms tend to exhibit the behaviours of homeostasis, power law scaling, persistent disequilibrium and emergent behaviours

A Self – Evolving Organisation is a parallel to Superorganism, exhibiting a form of concerted and orchestrated "distributed intelligence," void of a structure but present with Elements, Framework, and Network, in which many individual agents with limited intelligence and information are able to pool resources to accomplish a goal beyond the capabilities of the individuals

The essential levers of the Self – Evolving Organisation are as follows:
a)     Brain: Cognitive aspects based on the platform of Data and Analytics (Behavioral, Operational, Cognitive etc.)
A Data and Analytics platform adds the intuitiveness in understanding the efficacy and effectiveness of the elements along with the high connectedness of networks. This platform betters the information and feedback loops with relevancy associated with Roles, along with setting the precedence of incremental improvements to efficiency and effectiveness. It as well ascertains the Elemental fitment to the Roles and the Purpose fulfillment of the Organisation.

The platform measures the value creation and value enablement by the elements along with determining the efficiency of the networks in the organization with incrementally raising the bar and creating the flow of elements and networks for a improvised combination to get to purpose.

b)    Heart & Soul: Framework of Organisation: Purpose, Roles, Contexts, Accountabilities
Roles, Contexts and Accountabilities are the Gospel frameworks of the Organisation that are well defined and highly aligned with respect to fulfillment of the Purpose. These are comprehensively defined in principality leaving ample room for the individual Creativity, Autonomy, Decision Making and use of judgement and discretion to effect the value creation. The Framework as well allows for democratized collective decision making.

c)     The Mix of Roles & Contexts – Balance & Completeness
A key component with Roles is the Balance and Completeness along with situational contexts and referential time frames. The Roles should be defined in the Completeness, Coherency and Consistency leading to Fulfillment of the Purpose, and hence along with Completeness, there as well needs to be balance is ascertaining the appropriate speed of the organization.

d)    Nervous System: Networks of Information, Knowledge, Communication, & Value Creation
The Networks facilitate and enable the flow of information, knowledge, communication and value creation within the self-evolving org. The division of channels reasons with the rationale in context to Roles and Accountabilities with intuitive relevance to enable the Elements, Collective Intelligence with inputs, intelligence and feedbacks for value creation.

e)     Distributing & Harnessing Entropy and Smoothness, & its coexistence
The Self Evolving Org harnesses Entropy at the Elemental Levels and Builds Smoothness in Networks and Framework, to realize and unleash the potential of its constituents. Allowing Entropy allows Autonomy, Decision Making and Discretion at Elemental level with respect to value creation in line with Roles, Accountabilities and Contexts, whereas building Smoothness in Framework, Networks enables to create harmony and rhythm with its constituents.

f)      Presence of Change Elements – Destressors and Energizers
Post aligning the Framework, Networks and Elements, having change elements for Destressors and Energizers is most important to enhance the agility and create a controlled chaos effect the workings. Destressors are required where there are supposed tensions to get apprised in working, mostly amongst Inter Teams to douse the friction levels with objective and meaningful problem solving approach, similarly Energizers are present where the speed of value creation needs to fastened.

These are the elements that keep in check the VUCA factors, which are beyond the Roles while leading either to timely or/and enhanced value creation from the elements.

g)     Nuances of Role v/s. Identity, Metrics & Measures, Motivations, Rewards & Mindsets, Collective Intelligence, Collective Conscience and Collective Actions

The Self – Evolving Organisation, basically is a combination of the above factors, an aggregation of which then results in a calibrated, self aware and more purposeful organization with high Contribution to Impact and High Awareness to Realization.

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