Elon Musk - Spreading the Musk

Today’s Brew is for Elon Musk & his Musk’eteers
Brew date: 23th July
Type: Served Hot, to be Consumed a.s.a.p.

Why The Brew feels that Elon Musk has underplayed on his grand visions, with the compromised business models and impact to the society?

To understand various endeavors of Elon, check out the following links:
     c)     www.spacex.com
     d)    www.solarcity.com

The reason why The Brew thought of featuring Elon Musk in its brews, is due to the sheer similarities in our vision to exist, that of creating a worthwhile magnitude of difference to the world, and the relentless and perseverant pursuit to strive towards its realization. Apart from that, The Brew definitely strives to be a source of meaningful & scalable audacity, drawing inspiration from Elon’s endeavors.

This is one of the unique Brews where the focus is on the Personality, rather than his businesses, more so because The Brew understands the gravity and consequences of the thoughts proposed herein, will result in higher fulfillment of Elon’s purpose to create a better world, if the improvisations happen.

The Brew Analysis:
1)    Elon’s endeavors are Pseudo - Ecosystem Innovation (and not Ecosystem disruptions):

The Brew would like to study Elon’s endeavors from the lens of its proposed equation:

Consumer Need Fulfillment Innovation / Disruption + Business Model Innovation / Disruption = Ecosystem Innovation / Disruption
Consumer Need Enablement Innovation / Disruption + Need + Incremental Effectiveness than Existing Solution = Consumer Need Fulfillment Innovation / Disruption

(Side notes: The Brew, over its extensive research has found that Companies don’t clearly understand and distinguish the elements of User Needs, Competence and Business Models while defining the proposition for the Consumers, infact, that’s one of the major reason why a lot of pioneering ideas have gone bust, which is where this Brew is valid for all Innovators, Pioneers, and Enterprising folks who want to create a measure of difference to mankind.)

Back to topic, PayPal, Tesla, SolarCity, PowerWall, SpaceX are some of Elon’s endeavors, but more so, they can as well be classified as Ecosystem Innovations with the potential to disrupt the conventional and contemporary means to satisfy the ends.
PayPal was one of the first online financial services and e-mail Payment Company enabling electronic money transfers to public in a peer to peer mode, way back in 1999; Tesla was conceived with the thought to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport enabled by electric cars which could outperform the gasoline-powered cars.
SolarCity’s underlying motivation is to help combat global warming by enabling the usability and spread of Solar Panels for energy production and consumptions.

Conceptually, all the above ventures have potential to disrupt the contemporary value chain and need satisfaction continuum of the Consumers, however they were reduced to the Ecosystem Innovations, thus leaving them vulnerable to the acceptance of the Ecosystem over time, and more by choice, rather by the compulsions of need and impact of its utility.

The thoughts, the purpose and the aim of existence are truly disruptive, however the business models of these ventures tend to be on the innovation side by convergence of collective agility, technology, and usability, infact for the business models of Tesla, SolarCity, PowerWall, resemble more of Usability Innovations given that they are built upon the existing frameworks with incremental changes to technology, but tremendous changes to the Usability and Effectiveness.

Of Elon’s endeavors, PayPal and SpaceX fit the criteria of Ecosystem Disruptions more from the fact that they represent the strongest combination of the above equations, however with PayPal scoring high Consumer Fulfillment Innovation, but low on Business Model Innovations, whereas SpaceX score decent on both these aspect, making it the most successful and potent disruptions from the Musk’s fold.

The point being, to build disruptive business, either the consumer solution or the business model needs to be disruptive, if they both are based on existing paradigms, then the value proposition will be one of the many existing solutions of consumer needs fulfillment.

2)    Principles of Ecosystem Innovations / Disruptions:
For an Ecosystem Innovation to create an impact, there are certain critical success factors that it needs to encompass, and a possible lack of it, either reduces it with the existing Competition, or being a niche offering or to the mortality rate.
The Critical success factors prime to create an impact and to drive an ecosystem innovation / disruption successfully are:
a) Core Innovation, either through Technology, Resources
b) Incremental Effectiveness than Existing Solution
c) Usability Innovation
d) Economics improvement for Consumer, Business, and Ecosystem
e) Business Model Innovations of offerings
f) Psychological Shift of Consumer Mindset to Urgent and Important.

Quite a lot of Elon’s ventures deal with Usability Innovations, with only a couple of them ranking high on points e and f (which still keeps avenues open for competition to enter).
Needless to say, the sub-optimal usage of these ventures defy the prime purpose of their existence in terms of impact required and envisaged, and more so, putting them in the wish list of  ‘if’ and ‘some day’.

3)    Completeness of Thought in alignment to Purpose:
The Brew as well believes that somewhere the Completeness of a single line of thought is missing for Musk Endeavors, e.g. Tesla and SolarCity are founded on the paradigm of sustainable uses of Energy while offering respective products to enable a Consumer oriented solution, and though it looks Complete, the enablement solutions of Tesla (Electric Batteries) and SolarCity (Solar Panels) themselves are at a suboptimal levels of efficiency.

These enablement solutions need much larger efforts and focus to result in to a breakthrough solution rather than building a commercial scalable execution of sub – optimal means to reach the ends.

4)    The Role of Ambitious Visionaries, Energizers & Entrepreneurs:
When Archimedes pronounced to world, ‘Give me a place to stand and with a lever, I will move the whole world’, he not only gifted the world with the Pivot, but also pivoted the world through it.

The Brew believes that’s the role of Ambitious, Visionary & Energetic Entrepreneurs going to be; to pivot the world with fellow folks who share similar vision by creating systemic framework level optimal solutions, feasible and usable today for a sustainable future of tomorrow.

And to summarize in the words of Tesla, a founding inspiration to Elon both personally and professionally, ‘The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of the planter — for the future. His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come, and point the way. He lives and labors and hopes.’

The Brew believes, that with above improvisations, the musk shall definitely flourish...

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