Cisco - Connecting the World

Today’s Brew is for Cisco
Brew date: 23th July
Type: Served Hot, to be Consumed a.s.a.p.

How Cisco can transform itself to one the most valuable enterprises to exist on planet?
To understand the business model of Cisco, check out the following links:

The Brew as well recommends Cisco to explore The Brew Framework for Enterprises, with respect to its macro – capabilities of Innovation, Value Creation, Value Enhancement and Purpose to chart out its next growth story.

The Brew will analyze Cisco on the following parameters:
a)    Business Analysis

a) Networking Company – Enabling Networks, primarily with Hardware as the product
c) Connecting, Networking and Smart
d) Network of Value Creation and Innovation, should possibly move ahead by connecting more thoughts and designing a more solution oriented approach to human needs, ranging from Hardware, Platforms, Solutions
e) Moving from an Enabler to Provider of Improved and Connected life
f) Competence, Convergence and Contribution

g) Higher Purpose, Vision & Strategy