The Brew Framework

(This is the 3rd article in the Series leading to The Brew Framework, a Capability Maturity Framework, designed to evaluate Enterprises at different levels to improvise their performance to favorable outcomes)

Pre – Reads to The Brew Framework:

The Brew Framework is a Capability Maturity Framework, build to gauge the extent of presence of the fundamental forces instrumental in shaping the fate of enterprises, by evaluating them across 4 Macro – Capabilities / Levers of Business (based on the Evolution of Firm): Purpose, Basic Value Creation Model, Value Addition Model and Change Model (Innovation+Disruption) over 4 Maturity Levels ranging in increasing order from Activity to Capability.

The Brew Framework characterizes the following:
1) Of being an evaluative mechanism to assess on 4 Macro capabilities (Purpose, Basic Value Creation Model, Value Addition Model & Change Model), the framework as well guides and directs Enterprises to built these levers in to Capabilities. An in-depth study of these macro – capabilities on the dimension of fundamental forces helps understand its extent along with the developing them to Antifragile forces that enhances the working of the system.

2) The Framework takes in to consideration, 2 Macro - External factors that ultimately have an impact on the Enterprise’s working, The Rate of Change of Industry and Consumer Fatigue, effectively helping Enterprises to understand which Capabilities to use vis – a – vis its development charting out the future trajectory for the overall working.

3) The Framework as well serves to be a health check for the firms by getting a deeper understanding of its critical parameters, most importantly, the Leverage, Competence, Contribution and Impact Levers.

The Framework breaks down each macro-capability into critical capabilities. These critical capabilities are a specific set of key activities and procedures that must be defined and mastered to enable the enterprise to plan and deliver effective solutions, and to measure the business value consequences of its key initiatives and key measures.

The framework is now active and available on The Brew Store to Enterprises to build and enhance their Capabilities.

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