Snapchat - Snappify, before its gone..

Today’s brew is for Snapchat,
Brew Date: 2nd June 2015
Type: Served Hot – Redefine and Transform brew.

To understand the business model of Snapchat, check out the following links:

The Brew will analyze Snapchat on the following points:
a) Business Analysis
b) Improvisation to Business Strategy (Not required, the frameworks are all laid in the Business Analysis part)

Snapchat is a video and photo messaging app. Using the app, users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. These sent photographs and videos are known as "Snaps". Users set a time limit for how long recipients can view their Snaps (the range is from 1 to 10 seconds), after which they will be hidden from the recipient's device and deleted from Snapchat's servers.

a) Business Analysis:

1) The Continuum of Moments & its Shareability:
In the world of Connectivity solutions (offered by multitudes of social networks, messaging apps etc), where every moment of people’s life is trying to find mindshares, space and Shareability on varied social tools, Snapchat finds its success in offering a solution to those normal mundane moments which do not need to go as worth remembering forever in your shareable digital footprint.

With the feature of information extinction, Snapchat creates a decent consumable solution for the generation of folks who have a high social appetite, and as a way of life, but who don’t want create a digital footprint, more so bcos either the information they create is too mundane and is created on high frequency basis and hence its not worth remembering, or the content / information can be misused over the period of time, either by the users (with whom its shared), or by just the mere existence of the content.

In a way, Snapchat has derived a beautiful equation for all the players with regards to their utility, by exploiting the sense of Judgmental Bias in Humans, where other Social tools are used by the world, how a person wants to be showcased as, however Snapchat actually delves deep how a User thinks and share with the freedom of nullifying this bias in social world.

 It allows us to be ourselves, while being silly, sullen, and sexy, without (much) risk of looking foolish before the entire world – a feature all its high-profile competitors lack, and it is this value proposition that Snapchat should build on expanding to other consumer solutions (discussed in Point 5) to expand its utility and usage across.

2) Designed for Human Factors:
In a world, where most of the users are posting things on their timelines and profiles only to prove Shareability quotient, and measure their differential Social Validation and Reputation indexes, along with comparing and competing with Fellow folks on these Gamification, Snapchat takes off that need completely Cos the Shareability now is only with the Friends (Folks in your phone book), shifting the focus on the shared content with a disability to like, share and comment. It gets the Users to only focus on the content with respect to some time.

Infact, most of the users are using their social tools in ways similar to Snapchat, the only difference being User behavior is offered as a Technical Solution by Snapchat. For an instance, when was the last time you visited your timeline or revisited your friend’s timeline. Not really right? And as well the most amount of time we spend on shared content ranges from 5 – 10 secs (same is offered by Snapchat).

Conclusively, bcos its amongst Friends who are in touch for a decent time either in physical world or connected through other channels, Snapchat offers solutions which are actually similar to the User Behaviors on these solutions of Connectedness.

3) Snapchat’s Content Creation and Modification abilities:
Just bcos Information will go extinct in a while has not led Snapchat to be biased towards it, rather its reverse, it gives all the more importance to the Creation of Information on its own tool. And that’s what is more compelling for a User to be on Snapchat bcos it allows the Users to humanize the information/content and communicate with full range of human emotion – rather than making it appear to be pretty or perfect.

It’s a combination of information extinction and humanizing / personalizing information to be shared that allows Users to be more expressive and more real without invoking the judgmental biases, and that is what Snapchat should keep focusing on, creating and offering Users, further ways to convey emotions through content.

4) Making the Internet Non – Judgmental:
Extending the Value Prop of Snapchat to the realms of Internet can be essentially being an extension to its philosophy. Most of the Consumer Solutions (App) on Internet either work on a User’s Internet Footprints (Cookies) or on past behavior with the App, Snapchat should ideally try expanding from Communication Solution to Surfing Solutions (End to End Internet + Connectivity Solutions) with the ephemerality of the information and data from the User.

This can as well be extended to dimensions of Physical world – by Local discovery mechanism (where just like Snapchat Stories, the relevance stays for 24 hours encouraging Consumer Behavior to a Flash Mob style).

Along with it, the information extinction solution can be leveraged for Anti - Piracy by offering Broadcasting Solutions (Movies, Music etc and payments enabled via Snapcash) with Data being wiped post viewing.

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