Tripoto - Moving from Trips to Travel Solutions

Today’s brew is for Tripoto,
Brew Date: 30th May 2015
Type: Served Hot – Redefine and Transform brew.

Tripoto is a Social Network for Travellers encouraging travellers to post their itineraries, which can then serve to be travel solutions for the Consumers (interested in relevant trips). The purpose of the platform seems to be helping the Users understand what relevant travel itinerary they should take (post the decision to go for a particular place has already made by the consumer), rather it should be a step prior where the Consumer is yet to make a decision measuring and judging various parameters influencing the decision of travel, trip and plan.

The Brew recommends Tripoto to retain the existing framework and pivot its offerings to be a Travel Solutions firm offering the Consumers Customized solutions from the different parts of itineraries to design their Travel Itinerary. Primarily, the utility of a Itinerary listing / indexing firm is high to the Consumers who are of Non – Traveller genre, and which is what Trip Indexing company like Tripoto should focus on.

For any Travel Listing offerings, a holistic solution comprises of the following components:
1) Itinerary Planning based on factors of Time, Money, Purpose etc.
2) Local Logistics Solutions
3) Local Experiences related to the places traversed
4) Other dimensions of the Key Locations which form the purpose of trip, Historic relevance, Must do stuff etc.

With the offerings of Tripoto, it can essentially extend its offerings to Point 1, 3 and 4 with relevant ease thus not only helping the User in deciding and customizing the Travel plans, but as well Engaging with the User throughout their travel to make them better aware of their travels in details.

Following are the recommendations chalked for Tripoto:

1) Rather than defining it as a Social Network for Travellers, pivoting its offerings to offer a Customized Travel Solutions to the Users based on their deciding parameters.

2) These Travel solutions can then be commented by the Experts (Travellers) to enhance the experience and purpose of the travel.

3) Offering value adds services of Concierge, Guide or Experts for the Travels, which can be offered to a Group of Users or as Private offering.

4) Socialising the Trips in Real time with the Friends while the Traveller / User is making the trip based on location tags, and making it a virtual tour for them.

5) Extending the platform to the Locals of the place, thus having a ground presence as well as developing other information offerings, which can help the users in arriving at the decision points for the trips.

6) Extending the above points, developing the Local knowledge bank (Relevance & Importance, Stories, etc) for Travellers to simply refer to Tripoto. The idea is to get the information and context before hand to maximize the experiential time at those places.

7) Retaining the current framework of offering, to capture the experience of the trip with its dissemination, the social way.

8)  Having continued engagement with the Users of the places visited virtually, to enhance the connectedness and virality of the trip, location and Tripoto.

Tripoto has a potential to be a game changer in the Travel industry by contributing to the decision making process of the consumer, must as well add that its journey has just begun.

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