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Today’s brew is for Facebook Inc.,
Brew Date: 24th May 2015
Type: Served Hot – Redefine and Transform brew.

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The Brew will analyze Facebook on the following points:
a) Business Analysis
b) Improvisation to Business Strategy (Not required, The Brew wants Facebook to follow Non – Linear Thought process, however the frameworks are all laid in the Business Analysis part)

a) Business Analysis:
From the evolution of FB as a social network to a Collection of Consumer Apps serving varied purposes, Facebook has come a long way from being just a social network, and from its action lead us to infer its working philosophy as:
a) To make the world more social, connected and while enriching lives with network effect
b) To revolutionize the way People connect and live (With people, with machines, with Places, with Emotion, with Objects etc.)

1) Competence of Facebook:
The thought of Facebook resembles the biggest successful social experiment ever on the planet done, given the scale to reinforce the principle paradigm of economics, as man being a social animal. The success element of Facebook lies in the fact that it offers 4 most basic human traits to be done with selves and others. These traits are Putting up anything that one wants to (right from thoughts, ideas, moments of life, expressions etc), and with it, an option of Like, Share, Comment.

It just allows the Users to broaden their social limits with everybody along with expanding their boundaries of expressiveness, interactions and engagement.

And hence, Facebook has 2 basic competences:
a) It allows the Users to explore each other’s Expressions, thoughts etc, and making the world more open and approachable. Basically, tearing that physical constraint of staying connected to know, what the people are doing. The ability to not miss anything in other people’s lives inspite of not being connected or by staying physically together. It beats the other conventional ways of keeping up by a fair mile, though the emotional connect it gets is as well low to these expressiveness.

b) The ability to Like, Share and Comment. Facebook enables people to exercise the democratization to everybody’s lives by enabling them to put their perspectives at discretion. In a way, it enables Humans with a power for which mankind has been raging endless wars till now, the power to express.

And now if one wonder’s the measure of success that Facebook has got, one wont be surprised.

Facebook’s offering is You to Your friends (Circles, no offence @Google, cos you are no way near it) and vice versa, and because its Offerings cannot be commoditized, it enjoys a very high competitive advantage.

The Competence of Fb is to enable a transformed way we socialize, along with giving Users the power to express. Given that Fb’s competence has been chalked out, its strategy should ideally align to either strengthen this competence or create a new competence that can be cross-leveraged for higher value creation.

2) The Continuum of Connectedness
On the continuum of Connectedness, Facebook does has establish a decent competence is making people stay connected with minimal effort in its One to One and One to Many dimension, which in itself is a great offering, however its strides on the Communication end (where One to One is more predominant way along with requiring Efforts from both the ends), to Connect Humans better is a piece which is where it lacks competence and needs to either align it with its current competence of making adding it to the Social layer or developing an independent one.

No doubt, Whatsapp now seems to be a no brainer, where it does a have strong hold in terms of its usage and its offerings of One to One Communication as well as One to Many communications.
Pursuing its aspirations in Communication piece, Fb now needs to develop a competence on this offering as well, and along with technology, it can as well leverage its Social Competence to connect Humans more intelligently to more meaningful conversations.

Infact, in Communications piece, Fb took 2 different approaches to establish the dominance, Fb Hello, Messenger which majorly functions on the Fb identities and acquiring Whatsapp, which functions more on the Mobile Identity. A Convergence of both these approaches will result in to a world’s largest Communication hub given with an integration of identities along with the convenience of moving all the Consumer Needs of Connectedness and Communication to Cloud. Fb here, score a home run with its possibility of integration move to improve Consumer experience of Connectedness.

3) Leveraging the Competence:
Fb’s Competence at present is the ways it has Socialized our Lives to each other and to the world, however it now needs to extend this competence to other dimensions of our experiences.
Extending it to other decision-making, thought-influencing areas will be enhancing the degree of involvement, engagement and connectedness of the overall system.
For instance, the way we shop, the food experiments, the travelogues.

In a way, Fb has Socialised the Internet but enabling the ‘Login’ via Fb feature along with Commenting via Social Plugins, effectively, allowing the World to see what all does a User access along with their Comments. Fb should extend the offering of making everything ‘Social’.

Going Social for all, forwards Fb closer to Consumers in the Value chain of thoughts, decisions and action points. Cos until now Fb captures information that are majorly post event, however this change will get Fb to a pre-event occurrence.

4) Ecosystem & Platform model:
Where User can be influenced with their thoughts and their decision, and to transform everything in to Social, Fb then needs to extend itself in to a Eco-system Platform model for Users to have an end to end value chain of Socialising it to converts in to decisions.

If internet got redefined by Google Search, then the ‘everything’s Socialised’ Fb will be the new internet, with Fb not only being an end to end platform but as well serving as a connect point for accessibility beyond its ecosystem to get all the critical data of Consumer behaviors.

5) Marrying the Physical and Virtual Worlds
Having a Social element is a Competence for Fb in virtual world, and it should as well extend that competence in to physical world, thus creating a winning circle, which feeds into itself. (The user behavior as well works on similar principles, with connectedness happening in physical world and then continuing in the virtual world)

The thought is Fb, intelligently using Location parameters to help connect known folks for creating special moments, connecting people in vicinity based on real time location who have similar interests, or for a purpose etc.

Leveraging the current accessibility ecosystem of mobility or extending its presence in to Wearables can enable Fb in realizing this. The endeavor is to create those Social moments in Physical world intelligently to see them through to ‘Shareable, Likeable and Commentable’ part of virtual chain on a daily basis to keep the Connectedness Circle strong and flowing, with Fb contributing to it.

6) Enabling a Complete Digital Footprint of Humans over time
Given the expanse of Fb’s potential to impact and transform, not only the way we connect with everybody, but as well at an elemental level, impacting our thoughts, influences, emotions etc, Fb should set its vision to enable the digital footprint of humans across the globe, over time and transforming our collective future and of what we Like, Share and Comment.

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