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Today’s brew is for Apple Inc.,
Brew Date: 19th May 2015
Type: Served Hot – Redefine and Transform brew

Why Apple Car, Apple Watch and its other offerings might head downhill? – Understanding the Soul and Success of Apple.

Interestingly, most of the analysis of Apple’s strategy, predict its new offerings (Apple Car and Apple Watch) to be its next success wave, however ‘The Brew’ feels it otherwise. The reason being, Apple has not understood its Core Principles, nor what made it successful (RIP Steve). It still might drive people crazy, however it wont be in sync with Job’s philosophy and / or will be backed by the brand image of Apple.

The essence and beauty is its simplicity that darns through Apple’s trajectory. It’s the same principle which got gravity discovered, all Newton had to do was to question and understand what made the Apple fall from the tree. And so will TheBrew attempt to do today. The situations are similar today as well, and with some questioning and contemplation, can lead to larger revelations.

To understand the business model of Apple, check out the following links:

The Brew will analyse Apple on the following points:
a) Business Analysis
b) Improvisation to Business Strategy (Not required, The Brew wants Apple to follow Non – Linear Thought process model, however the frameworks are all laid in the Business Analysis part)

a) Business Analysis:
1) For those who think Apple as an Innovative Consumer Technology company, its time to think different, Cos not only its just an innovated led technology company, but playing only on tech model will not give it a competence to reach the success levels it has witnessed in the iPhone era.

Apple is a Design firm, which offers innovative technology solutions to Consumers perfectly aligned to Consumer needs. It is innovative and a technology company, however its Core Success factor is being a Design Firm. And Design does not only mean having aesthetic offerings (as Jobs put it once, design is not how it looks, but how it works), as integral extensions to the lives of consumers. 

There are 3 dimensions of being a Design Firm;
a) The first one being, to understand all those High Impact Consumer needs which are done in an Transactional, Mundane ways and to transform the way it works – Understanding the Importance of the Need on the Continuum of Essentiality, Impact, Utility

b) The second being How Consumers perceive the importance of their needs along with their satisfaction – Understanding the Consumer’s perception to the Requirement of Completion of the Need v/s. Satisfaction derived from it.

This step redesigns the process of fulfilment of those specific needs. It basically envisions how consumers will revisit their needs if they are given different options mapping their experience, satisfaction. The differential has to result in a high positive consumer satisfaction along with the consumption.

c) Marrying Technology and Innovation (in both, Hardware & Software) to the above 2 cores, where the technology is redesigned to enhance Point 2, and Innovation takes care of Point 1.

Overall, 3 parameters get transformed completely; the Need Completion / Consumption Cycle, Overall Consumer’s Experience of Consumption of those specific need, and Consumer’s Perception to those Needs post Consumption.

Apple has to continuously figure out the mundane high impact needs of Consumers and redesign them, the advantage being the Market for the needs already exists and all Apple will have to do is to make a usable solution along with tech and innovation.

2) Apple’s Competence is in Design, rather offering a Usable Design and its strategy of being a tech and innovative company, together gets it a Competitive Advantage creating great product, experience and the brand of Apple.

Its high stakes game, Cos not only the Consumer Needs need to be Redesigned, but Apple as well has to Redesign and evolve its Tech and Innovation models (in both Hardware & Software) aligning with overall Consumer need, calling for continual evolution in design, technology and innovation, which gets it high rewards at the end.

Coming to a couple of realizations, Apple will have to create a competence in Design, and Apple’s offerings cannot be led by Technology & Innovation compensating on Design to create its next wave of success

Why Apple Care / Apple watch does not fit this framework?
Apple Car is more of an extension of Apple Ecosystem with core offerings of Tech innovation, rather the focus should be on redesigning the core experience of Driving (which wont happen considering the criticality of the task) + bundled with the innovations and better technology, similarly the logic gets extended to Apple TV.

3) Being Self Disruptive: being a Design firm, it will require Apple to create disruptions (not to be interchanged with Innovation) to its own offerings as well (following the above framework), the moment the percolation of Apple solutions reach maturity levels of Consumer satisfaction, Consumer reach, resulting in revisiting the Consumer needs over a period of time.

4) Ecosystem & Platform Model: Building up an Ecosystem and Platform model will always be an essential integrated strategy for Apple to percolate the redesigned solutions to a larger acceptable levels, and bcos the Design solutions comprises of both dimensions, Hardware and Software, the Ecosystem model needs to be reflected on both the dimensions.

5) Continuity & Convergence: Though Continuity is definitely a driver for Apple, it will as well have to be Convergence of all the solutions to all offerings of Apple leading to an incremental consumer experience.

The convergent solution of iPhone was built over philosophy of iPod (which effectively indicates its buildup process of validating the design solution), but with iPhone, iPod as well got a makeover with iPod touch and Appstore, thus diffusing the innovation and design to its existing offerings.

6) Apple’s core mantra is to make life easy (and worth living), and that is what it should strive for, with all its endeavours.

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